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Wearing second-hand shoes is considered a bit of a no-no, and I understand why. If you’re a germaphobe, you would never do this. I am not a germaphobe though, so I simply clean them as well as I can, put in new inserts if they’re supposed to be worn without socks, and then they’re officially new (to me).

Here are a couple of pairs I’ve found in the last couple of years that I considered great finds. The first pair was $3.99 from the Deseret Industries thrift store you may have seen while driving on 80, it looks like a Costco. I never knew it was run by the Mormon church, but if you ever go there you will soon learn because you will be surrounded by mothers with 4,928 kids.


I was shopping there wiith my friend Amy when we both spotted these, and Amy being a connoisseur of bright/fun colored flats grabbed them first, but they were way too big for her child-sized feet (she’s height challenged). So we didn’t even have to fight over them, I won them fair and square. Erik makes endless fun of these shoes, but I don’t care because I think they’re adorable and they make me feel like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz: the Nautical Version”.

These boots were from the same shopping trip with Amy, but I found them at Thrift Town on Stockton Blvd. Thrift Town is considered by many to be the absolute best thrift store in Sacramento, and I agree completely- it wins hands down. It’s in a rough part of town, but I’ve always found amazing things there, and they even have a punch card. Rewarding me for spending money by promising me free stuff is a way to definitely win my affection.

I always check out the boots at every thrifting trip I take, because boots are my favorite. I especially like to find pairs from the 60’s-80’s, which a lot of the high end expensive styles that are coming out today are based on. Already broken in and 1/50th the price? Sounds about right to me. This pair was $5.99. I thought it was perfect paired with my Banana Republic blazer I scored years ago marked down from $200 to $27.50. Now I just need something adult enough to attend that I can wear a blazer.

The plaid shirt I’m wearing underneath was from the little boy’s section at the Salvation Army on 16th street, which is a hit or miss spot but I’ve found good things there and they always have deals like buy 3 get 1 free or 50% off days. I probably paid $2.99 for it.

I think I even bought those jeans for some ridiculous deal, if I remember correctly they were from and I paid $9 or so with a reward certificate from my Banana Republic Luxe card.

End note: Don’t make fun of my modeling, I’m pretty sure the staring I endure from my neighbors while I take self portraits on my deck is humiliation enough.

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