Adventures of a Treasure Hunter :: Bridal v. 1

This week is bridal week on my blog, because I’m participating in my first bridal show this weekend! It’s definitely an experiment to see what kind of response I’d get at such an event, but I’m being optimistic it will open me up to people in other areas who might respond to my style.

When putting together materials for a bridal show, it forces you to think about your “brand”… something I admit I’m not amazing at, but I did it. A big help in figuring it out was this blog, actually. All I really had to do was look at my personal posts to see who I am as a person to figure out the type of bride I would connect with. I like art, home design, individualism, mixing budget and luxury, reusing/re-purposing, classic looks, travel, and food. This helped me hone in what I want to put out there in hopes of connecting with those who value the same things as I do in photos, and meeting me would help them see what kind of experience they would have.

I’m pretty excited about the things I’ve been working on that I’ve needed to do for a long time, such as sample albums, prints, canvases, green products, new paper products, and I’m embarrassed to say… I didn’t have a portfolio until now. I still have to assemble it, but I’m happy to have a physical manifestation showing some of my favorite work I’ve done for the last almost two years. I’m hoping to blog about some more of these things this week.

I also did a shoot with the help of makeup artist/ hair stylist Sumaira Chowdhury for some fresh, new bridal looks. I went shopping and put together some looks that aren’t typically bridal (because how boring would that be for a concept shoot?) but a little off kilter- my favorite. I found items that ranged from expensive and high end to dirt cheap/second-hand. My good friend Angela was the model and rocked out my idea for a few Modern, Natural 1970’s bridal looks in a big way. There are so many good ones I have to split them up into a few different posts. Here are a few shots from the first look:

I’ll have some shots from this day at the bridal show that I can’t wait to see! Many, many UPS and Fedex packages have been delivered in the last few weeks and I have some more coming this week. Contact me if you’d like details on the show this Sunday, it’s in the Bay area.

  • Model: Angela Maani
  • Styling: GVP
  • Makeup/Hair: Looks by Sumaira
  • Assistant: Stephanie Liese
  • Shoes: Badgley Mischka
  • Dress and Coat: Forever 21

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