Adventures of a Treasure Hunter :: Paris Fashion Week, Christian Dior

While in Paris a couple of months ago, my friend Steph and I figured out that it was fashion week and we had to check out the scene. I not-so-secretly kind of wish I was a street style photographer, although, I don’t think I’d ever have the nerve for it. You have to be pretty cutthroat at these events.

Why don’t I have any up close photos of celebrities? Because this is what happened when one showed up- mayhem.

One of the things I loved observing were the “fashion kids” who hung out outside of the Musee Rodin, waiting to be photographed by street style photogs. It was kind of fun to try to figure out who had tickets to the show and who was just hanging out hoping to have their picture taken.

and then cars with celebrities and people who looked like this that made it r’ull clear who had an invitation to the show and who didn’t.

There were also bloggers and pod-casters with camera crews as well as street style photographers who were there just to capture the scene outside of the show. Who knows where these people come from or what they were broadcasting for, but I definitely heard a multitude of languages from around the world being spoken. The whole scene was fascinating, they all were dressed to the nines. I loved taking photos of the photographers taking photos.

We actually showed up about 6 hours early for the event because I got the time wrong, but the fascinating thing was that we got to see all the 16 year old 25-foot-tall freak of nature giraffe-like models showing up for hair and makeup. We even watched one park her smart car and put a parking sticker on it before we followed her to the entrance. How did we know she was a model? Oh I don’t know, I guess the amazonian height, flawless beauty without makeup, and leggings/fur coat/platforms outfit tipped us off.

Just the characters hanging out in the general vicinity were interesting. We felt like Anthropologists studying a group of people we were so unfamiliar with… who were these people who could travel to Paris for fashion week just to hope to be seen? Locals? Trustfund-ers? Stylists?

I saw a documentary a while back about Bill Cunningham, the New York Times Style Section photographer, called Bill Cunningham New York. I found the entire movie fascinating, but what made the experience in Paris even better was that I saw Bill! He was there in his blue jacket, roaming around taking photos with his little film camera. 80 years old, shooting film and as into the clothes as ever. Pretty much the coolest.

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