Adventures of a Treasure Hunter :: working with separates

I’m a big fan of jackets, especially ones with a lot of texture and pattern that I can wear over something plain, so it can do all the work on the personality-front. I found this jacket below at Thrift Town in South Sac as it was being sold with a matching skirt, and together it’s very “Working Girl” Power suit action. I couldn’t buy them separately, so I bought the set for $10 and hopefully one day I’ll alter the skirt and be able to wear it.

To take away from the 80’s shoulder-pad and cropped jacket-action I looked for a texture-y shirt with some length that I could wear under it that would be body slimming with something distracting about it (ruffles) but not skin-tight. I found this ruffled shirt at the Salvation Army for $2.00 that was in a color I’d never be able to wear by itself (my skin is the same color as it).

I’d been searching for a smaller purse with a long strap with a 70’s aged leather vibe. Anyone who goes anywhere with me knows I don’t travel light… my signature mustard colored enormous bag is what normally accompanies me unless I’m carrying my bright red Epiphanie camera bag or Shootsac, but sometimes I’m over it and need to lighten the load. I found this purse at the Folsom Goodwill for $4.50, and it’s the perfect size for my wallet, gum, sunglasses, phone and keys. and I can wear it across the chest which makes me happy.

Are there other thrifters out there that shop with an outfit it mind? What are your tips?

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