buffalo mac and cheese with procuitto

I saw this blog post for a very decadent and fattening macaroni and cheese that I just had to make, but alter to (hopefully) taste like a dish they have at a new restaurant downtown called Blueprynt. On their happy hour menu they have a buffalo mac and cheese with bacon that is… unbelievable. So I went to the store to get ingredients, but the prosciutto was cheaper than the bacon, so I used that instead. How that happened, I don’t know.

The only problem was that I think I let it cook too long, because I made a fraction of the original recipe and cooked it for only ten minutes less than the recipe said to. I should’ve cooked it 20-25 minutes less, because the cheese sauce was so creamy and thick before going into the oven.

Also, I didn’t want to buy a whole big package of butter, so I used margarine. Big mistake! It made everything oily instead of creamy. Super sad face.

The good part? It was still delicious, the prosciutto was awesome, and the buffalo sauce gave it a spicy, tangy kick. I also made a chicken and broccoli with Dijon sauce dish that day which was delectable, but I can’t handle taking pictures of food that I’m cooking while cooking another dish at the same time. If you’re looking for a different chicken dish though, go here for the recipe.

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