Camp Mighty :: Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

I’ve been pretty busy with some personal projects lately that I didn’t really get a chance to write about my experience as the photographer for the first ever Camp Mighty a few weeks ago, so the moment has sort of passed. If you’re interested in finding out what it actually is, go here. Basically, it’s a retreat for people in different areas of media to get together, share ideas, talk about our dreams, and have a stylish and fun weekend while doing it. In an attempt to sum it up, I’ll just say that the reason it meant a lot to me was that the messages I took from the weekend were exactly what I’ve been needing, and it was kind of awesome.

* Don’t be embarrassed about your obsessions. I’m an obsessive person which I’ve always considered a good thing- it’s how I’ve become a jack of all creative trades, and I really don’t know how else I’d ever have achieved anything without this part of my personality. But to the non-creatives in my life I’ve never really felt understood, because if you’re not an obsessive-creative type, maybe I just seem like a weirdo. I can’t explain how great it felt to be among people who’s eyes lit up when I talked about my vision, told me I was awesome, and gave me tips on how to further my goals.

* I’m more than a little bit obsessed with OWN, and became an Oprah convert only in the last year she was on the air. I know, a little late to the game, but the positivity and message about good energy and living with intentions has been something that has transformed me in the last year. There was an Oprah producer who spoke that weekend a lot about intentions and energy and it’s something that I was extremely excited to be there for.

* I’m certainly not a well-known blogger, but I am a big blog reader. So many of the people at Camp Mighty were those who I’ve read for years, who’s lives I know so much about, and who I feel like are my close group of creative/badass/interesting/awesome friends. It was surreal to be in a place that felt like a big party with a bunch of my friends, except, none of them knew who I was. Plus, I was all up in their grills taking their photos. Weird/kinda cool/voyeuristic/trippy.

* I was really in need of an adventure. A road trip with Amy, walking into an event I had no idea would be about, exploring an environment that is so different from most places I’ve ever been- it was just the getaway I needed.

Amy wrote some great things that I totally agree with here. I love how she said:

“I think I realized that you can never underestimate the power of a lot of really kind, smart people in one place”.

My experience was a bit different since I was working the event, but I got to take in all of the messages from the speakers and during the life-list readings, and I was kind of blown away by how much I got out of it. Here are some of the photos I snapped in Palm Springs, and go here for the full event photo stream with all my photos from the weekend.

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