Food Friday :: Charred Tomato Soup and Panini

One of my favorite recipes ever is the Charred Tomato Soup with Stromboli from Rachael Ray. It’s so delicious, but also so fattening. I decided to try a lower fat version of the Charred Tomato Soup, which was almost all the same except I omitted the cream.

One of my favorite new cooking companions is my Kyocera Chopping knife that Erik got me for Christmas, not to be confused by my friend Angela’s Kyocera phone.

I charred the tomatoes and onions under the broiler, flipping once (here’s a before and after),

and then blended everything together in a pan I’d sauteed garlic with lots of red pepper and salt and olive oil, added chicken stock to, and then used my immersion blender (another past Christmas gift from Erik- he likes to encourage me to make delicious things for him to eat).

Instead of the heavy, fattening (yet scrumptious) stromboli, I made a simple panini to dip into the soup.

I used roasted ham, turkey, half a slice of provolone, thinly sliced onion and pepperoncini with Dijon on half a piece of wheat sourdough. What’s so great about panini is that you don’t need mayo or butter to add flavor to it, because something magical happens from the time you put the sandwich in that panini press. It tastes like it has way more cheese in it than it actually does, and I’m okay with that.

And Voila! Easy, fresh, and gourmet lunch.

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  • Yumm, Leslie. You ‘a-makin-me-hongri!ReplyCancel

  • I want that panini. Can I come over to your house and eat your delicious gourmet food one of these days? Mayhaps Friday is the day to visit you 😉ReplyCancel

  • Haha, I’m so glad you referenced the Kyocera. Might I recommend some changes to this soup? Add balsamic vinegar and garlic to the roasting pan. Then, blend in fresh basil leaves with the soup at the end. I basically make this soup:

    It is SO heathy and completely delicious . No cream is needed at all. I even add more veggies just to get more health packed into it like bell peppers and celery.ReplyCancel

    • mmmm, I’m for anything I can add vinegar to! I’ll have to try that next time for sure.ReplyCancel