Food Friday: Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Bars

With all the social media creative outlets, it’s hard to keep up with any of them in particular. I have aspirations to be more involved on Pinterest, because I think it’s a great place to find ideas and keep several different vision boards and inspiration. One day I decided to log into my account and apparently I was hungry, because I started looking up all kinds of pictures of food and recipes and then I went to the store and bought all the ingredients. One of the recipes I absolutely had to make was dulce de leche Cheesecake bars.

Is it advisable to make a bunch of extremely fattening desserts in the middle of summer? Not exactly.

thick graham cracker crust is what I imagine they serve in heaven. 

I love to make things with chocolate ganache. It’s so impressive looking, but so easy to make.

I definitely didn’t make the recipe correctly, because I didn’t have the right ingredients for the dulce de leche (no sweetened condensed milk), so it was a bit wonkier than intended. But still delicious, that’s for sure!

Go here for the full recipe.

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  • OMG those look amazing. Will you be bringing them tonight? My Mom and I once made Dulce de Leche on the stove using the can of condensed milk and then ate it with a spoon out of the can. DELISH.ReplyCancel

  • BTW – please get more active on pinterest! 🙂 I am collecting ideas for my next home so would love to see your pinnings.ReplyCancel

    • no they’re already gone! made ’em last week 🙁 I never think to bring sweets when I’m gonna be around you b/c you’re so anti!ReplyCancel