Food Friday :: Pita Bread

I got the urge to make fresh pita bread this week, so I naturally went to one of my favorite cooking blogs, Smitten Kitchen for a recipe, because she always has pretty pictures of the finished product. She had one!

disclaimer: I did not use whole wheat flour, but only because I forgot to blend it with the unbleached flour and then it was too late. 

There are only five ingredients which is great, but it was a little more high maintenance with all the kneading than I expected. Worth it though! Mine didn’t puff up all pretty like hers did. Possibly because my baking stone started smoking when it was on the lower level of the stove, so I couldn’t leave it in there for an hour before the first round. They still had a “pocket”, but it was way less exciting than the photos on Smitten. Oh well! Made for good flat bread at the very least.

I put together a Mediterranean platter to go along with it for some company, and it was heavenly!

I definitely recommend this for easy entertaining. Make the pita bread beforehand though, unless you’re okay making one piece at a time in front of people.

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