Food Friday :: Roasted Tomatoes and Nutella Pound Cake

Happy Friday! Not that mine has been ideal, seeing as how I spent most of it on the phone with Adobe tech support because Lightroom 4 hates my computer with a capital H. It decided to stop working today, but thankfully I still have LR 3 and photoshop so I’m not exactly jumping off a bridge yet but they definitely managed to kill my friday spirit.

One thing that has been fabulous about today is that my new lens arrived! I’m very excited to start playing with my new Canon 50MM 1.2 L lens that I’ve been saving up for and coveting for oh so long. Since it arrived today and all I could do was sit on the phone on hold for several hours I decided to plate some of my new fave recipes I made this week and practice with it.

The first one I made the other night is Nutella Pound cake, which is to die for. I actually prefer the Trader Joe’s brand of Almond spread, which tastes very much like nutella but is a little different, aka yummier (I took these shots with my Fuji because my lens hadn’t arrived yet earlier in the day).

Enjoy a slice with good black coffee. It’s to die.

 The second is a roasted tomato recipe because I had a metric ton of them and needed a long lasting use for the final batch. Fortuitously I read a post on GGC about roasting tomatoes and storing them in olive oil and garlic to use as a condiment. Run don’t walk to your kitchen to make this. I took the advice of the recipe to use some whole grain toast smeared with hummus, and place some tomatoes, but then I also made a fried egg and topped the whole thing with it. Erik and I were licking our plates, this is such a fantastic 5 minute meal that I always have the ingredients for and that Erik calls “a flavor explosion”. Behold, the first shots taken with my new lens!

Why I haven’t thought of these super simple recipes sooner is beyond me. Definitely made for a great week of eating!

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