Food Friday: Spicy Cheesy Corn

While reading one of my favorite design bloggers I came across this recipe, which I tried out one day and tweaked a bit for my own taste. I kept passing by the 4/$1 ears of corn at the store and knew I had to make something other than corn on the cob.

The main thing I changed was adding a lot of chili spices, like hot chili flakes, mexican chili powder, and cayenne pepper. I even topped it with tobasco. The cheese cools it down for you, but your mouth will still be a little on fire. So if you don’t like that, don’t use all the spices I did.

I ended up eating it less as a snack (I mean, how much corn can you eat in one sitting?) and more as a garnish. I made some green chicken enchiladas and then topped them with a layer of the corn and it was heaven.

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