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 My life this week…

This week’s episode of Mad Men slayed me. So good.

I got to photograph newborn triplets! I can’t be in a bad mood or have a negative thought amongst a newborn, perhaps why I like to photograph them. Times three is triple the adorable, and I’m all about that.

Last night’s episode of Kathy on Bravo had a segment where she spied on her intern’s Facebook pages, and found that her intern, “Cole”, had a one man auto tune keyboard band called “Space Cops”, where he the only lyrics were lines from Terminator 2. She made him perform live on the show, and it was pure awesomeness. Google that shit. You’re welcome.

I got a new Mac set up last week that I’m totally stoked about! I now have a giant 27″ monitor and a Mac Book Pro, a dream set up for me to have a home editing station and also be able to be mobile with a laptop. My workday requires that I toggle between a PC and a Mac throughout the course of the day and that has been a challenge, but one I’m happy to take on.

Eating a delicious, gourmet meal at Boulette’s Larder in SF last week for Dottie’s wedding. Dining experiences like that are rare.

Loved this blog entry by one of ma fave photogs Emma Case about not apologizing for what you’re inspired by and what you take photos of- well, it was more of a reaction to criticism but I applaud her for addressing it.

I listened to read Andy Cohen’s audiobook “Most Talkative” and I couldn’t get enough inside info about Flipping Out and the Housewives. My love for Jeff Lewis is unending, and hearing about how the show was originally pitched as Jenni Pulos and her husband’s lives as freelance actors who work for a house flipper but then became a totally different show once they met Jeff was fascinating to me. No, YOU are obsessed with Bravo.

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