Macy :: easter portraits and a copycat photo

I met up with Macy and her Mom, Nathalie, recently to take some photos of Macy in her Easter dress. I love getting to see kids that I’ve worked with a time or two in the past, and see if they remember me. The rapport always grows with kids from spending time with them, which is so important to me because I want it to be a fun memory for them, as well as a good experience, and not a “doing somersaults just to get a smile out of them” kind of experience. Plus, I love kids, so building that relationship is one of the benefits of the job 🙂

Thankfully, Macy remembered me! She’s become such a good little model.

The other thing we wanted to achieve that day was to try to copy a photo that Macy’s Dad had taken when he was a little kid. Nathalie was able to get an identical pair of overalls and a similar hat, so we went in search of a tree to re-create the setting.

The photo on the left is Macy’s Dad circa sometime in the past (photo quality is not great since I just took a photo of it in the shade, and it’s quite a few years old). I can see the resemblance!

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