Mykonos Burger

Today I made Bethenny’s recipe for Greek turkey burgers, and at 253 calories a serving they were healthy and filling. Plus, delicious!

I’ve often been scared of making turkey burgers because ground turkey can be very dry, but the sauce in the recipe works wonders.

I pretty much followed the directions exactly, except that I grilled the burgers, and I added a big pile of arugula on top because I had it. What’s strange is that every recipe I can find online says that the sauce is made from dijon and ketchup… but that’s not what the “Skinnygirl Dish” says.

It’s actually a mix of greek yogurt, parsley, salt/pepper, and lemon juice.

I may have also topped it with some extra feta.

So easy and simple and perfect for when you’re craving a burger but don’t want to feel bad about it afterward. In her book, she also has variations on how to change out some ingredients to make it Asian or Latin.


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