Paris, in Paris

I loved my red Lola bag but it was just too small for me and I’d outgrown it. Coincidentally, I bought a new Paris Epiphanie bag in January, right before I found out I was going to be able to take a trip to France and Paris. Obviously, I had to take some Paris-centric photos with my new bag.

The bag is pretty enormous, but it worked out perfectly for this trip because I was carrying three cameras with me, rolls of film, and my personal belongings. The thick strap is so supportive and allowed me to carry weight on my shoulder through the Metro and up hundreds of stairs of monuments and such.

I love me some packaging, so I took photos of the bag when it came in the mail because it’s kind of precious. It arrives in this purple protective bag,

it has cute little cards with inspirational-y quirky sayings on them hidden throughout, and the braided strap was too adorable to pass up. I love anything braided, pretty much.

I took the Paris all over the city and up and down France and to Basque Country and the top of Spain, but I had to snap a few shots of her at Versailles. The purple against the green was too good to pass up.

On the way home, the flight attendant called over her fellow flight attendants who were bag lovers and they all fawned over it. Then other passengers wanted their turn at looking through it and admiring the fact that it was a camera bag. Everyone was shocked that such an adorable, high-end looking bag was also so functional. I’m definitely happy with it and recommend this line to anyone in the market.

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  • Love the little camera charm on the side shot. Good pick, Leslie!ReplyCancel

  • Love this review – I was tempted to buy this bag at WPPI and might just have to make a little online purchase soon… Also, what kind of camera is pictured in your images? It looks super cute as well. Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Courtney- thanks! The camera is the Fuji X100, which I bought right before this trip and I love it. I also had my Mark II with a 50mm and a holga, so the bag needed to hold kind of a lot of stuff (and weight). It worked out very well. I’ve traveled a lot with my Mark II and heavy lenses and it’s just not worth the pain, so I needed a high end point and shoot. The X100 is awesome for that.ReplyCancel

  • I have the Paris bag, too, and I am already eagerly pre-packing it in anticipation of my trip to Macchu Pichu in May. I am carrying a Nikon D300 with L-bracket mounted on it, a Coolpix P6000, 2 or 3 (undecided) lenses, a Nikon SB-700 flash, and various other camera gear (cards, batteries, cords, etc.). I am also bringing along my 13″ MacBook Pro, which fits nicely in the enclosed laptop pocket.

    It’s a very nice, pretty, and well-cushioned bag. I’m glad to know you had a good time carting it around France.ReplyCancel