Food Friday- Portabello Burgers with red onions and basil aioli

I always enjoy portabello sandwiches or burgers, so I tried to make my own by grilling them after being soaked in red wine, a recipe I got here. I have ADD when it comes to recipes so I thought I’d remember what I needed when I went to the store, but I forgot quite a few of the ingredients.

I ended up using colby jack cheese because I didn’t have any provolone- it wasn’t successful. I think I might have been a little weirded out with the mushrooms… I can eat portabellos when a restaurant is responsible for cleaning and cooking them for me, but when I’m in charge, I just can’t get over the fact that I’m eating an enormous piece of fungus that I’m not entirely sure I cleaned well enough. I still ate it, and I will definitely make that basil mayo again.

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