Product Suite :: 12×12″ Linen Family Album

The way I shoot a portrait session is so that it could be displayed in an album, in a story-telling format. One of my favorite albums for this is my 12×12″ Linen Album, which comes in a variety of colors and can have a title embossed on the front.

The 12×12″ size displays photos so beautifully, and when I use one shot across a whole spread it is 24×12″. I include this album in my “first year” package (maternity/newborn/6 month/ 1 year), and encourage my other portrait clients to get one when they schedule their Spring & Fall shoots (usually a full shoot in the Spring or Summer, and a mini-session in the Fall or Winter- or vice versa). It’s the perfect coffee table addition to a large piece of wall art or a full display- kinda like the Family’s yearbook.

Contact for your album from your shoot- past or present!

family photo album

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