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I ordered some enlargements for my portfolio last week in various finishes and sizes through my new print lab, Smug Mug, and I can’t stop staring at them- so gorgeous! (Is that a self-complement?)

I am a big believer in paying a little more than Costco or Target or even Ritz photo for printing, because if you don’t pay for premium printing you get whatever colors the levels are at with a cheap printer. You might get something with a little bit of a red tint or skin with have a green cast, it just depends on what’s left in the printing cartridges. Also, the weight of the paper is heavier, it feels more expensive, better quality. And it is.

I’m in the process of uploading all of the photos I’ve taken of people in the last year who I’ve sold the disc of all images to, so that they have the option to print through me. And don’t worry, the prices are reasonable. I want everyone I work with to have the option to make any size and finish print they want, and it will look exactly the way it should when it’s printed.

I temporarily replaced some of the photos I had up in my house so I could see what they looked like framed.

I ordered a couple in the “metallic” finish, which I’d seen before, but needed to have in my portfolio to show future clients. If you haven’t seen the finish, how would you know it’s worth paying an upcharge? I think it’s worth it.

I tried to take a photo that showed the “metallic-ness” of the finish… can you tell?

I also ordered the print below in metallic, and it’s STUNNING.

A few other enlargements… I wanted to have a range of processing styles for my portfolio as well, so that you know when I include something in black and white or an artistic edit, it will look good when printed.

For instance, the photo below is in true color, almost straight out of the camera.

This one below is heavily processed to get that “old” look, so it has a lot of tweaks and textures and artificial colors applied to it in photoshop.

I converted the next one to black and white, but it’s not just desaturated… it’s got a lot of extra textures and colors on it to bring out the details, which worried me in the printing process. It looks amazing though.

sidenote: when I had these out on display in the dining room, Erik walked in and asked why I have a photo of Ben Roethlisberger framed. Made me laugh.

This one was taken into a bright light source behind the subjects (the window early in the morning), so it had been lightened quite a bit and then I ran a couple of photoshop actions over it because I liked the look. I was concerned about whether it would be too light or too dark or too grainy, but it looked exactly like it did on my calibrated monitor. Good to know for future artistic processing.

I wish it wasn’t weird to have various framed photos of clients in my dining room, because of course the interior designer in me had to arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way to take a photo and I kind of love them. Sometimes I wish my studio wasn’t also my dining room.

Don’t worry, I’ll change them all back soon, I promise I’m not that creepy 🙂

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