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Alright, so I haven’t blogged for a while. I think I needed a detox from typing. But I let the millions of ideas for blogs build up and now it’s time to budget some time to blog again. Here goes!

One of the directions I’d like my business to go in is to be more of a full-service experience. When I first started, I thought it was courteous to offer the disc of all images and send you on your merry way to do with those files what you will. While I thought my intention was to keep costs low and not try to sell them stuff, I was actually doing clients a disservice. After all, if I don’t at least offer to help with the end result of those files, what’s the point? To pay a bunch of money to be able to upload compressed files to Facebook? Let them go to Costco and make some 4×6 prints and maybe an 8×10 that they may or may not know what to do with? Try to find a decent place to make a canvas cluster that belongs in a cheesy portrait studio and was in style 15 years ago?

Oops- was that rude? Well hey, it’s just not my thing. People who’s thing it is probably don’t like my style either, and that’s okay too. Also- some canvas clusters are super cute. Unfortunately, most look like a stark portrait studio to me.

I started thinking about how I was originally avoiding sales because I wanted to be an artist not a sales person, but the truth is, I know a lot about displaying art. Why wouldn’t I invest in products to show clients what can be done with their photos? So I started by designing my first album last Fall, and then spent a lot of time earlier this year designing some more as well as some enlargement products.

I take a lot of time making important (and expensive) decisions, because I don’t like to waste money on things I won’t be proud of. I had to step back and think about who my customer was, what they wanted their home to look like, and what they were responding to in my taste. It all comes back to this question: what do I care about and what does my brand look like?

Answer: I care about the environment, I care about uniqueness, and I care about investing in the right things. So, I put up a section on my website to showcase some of the products I’ve taken the time to invest in and showcase for clients. You can find it here:

The new section on my site called “Shop” is still under construction. I’m also adding a place to purchase fine art prints and artwork, but that’s quite the undertaking so it’s a work in progress. For now however, I have a spot to showcase some of my favorite ways to display photos and make the best of all the work we both put into a shoot. This section will just keep growing as I invest in products that I find to be unique and high quality to showcase photos. I found a variety of different products that I think my customer would like. Yeah, yeah, all the successful pros out there say to stick with one look that is in line with your brand and push that only. But what can I say- my taste is kind of all over the place and I imagine, so is my customer’s. So I designed a few things with similar features and attributes, but several different looks. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

I offer a free consult service to all photo and artwork clients to help you decide how to display after a shoot. I do this mainly because, I love to see the full circle end product of my work, and I want any chance I can get to beautify an interior space! I’ve found that so many people lack the confidence to pull the trigger in ordering photo products because they don’t know how something will look, and they second guess themselves. Thankfully, that’s my strength. I am able to picture how something will look before it’s done, and so I have the ability to offer help in this area. I have some great sources and print labs that I work with that I have ordered through and can stand by the quality of the product and am confident in lead times. Most of my sources are “green”, hand-made, and manufactured in the USA. I work with you to choose the space, the size, the media, design it (for albums) and then place the orders for you. All you have to do is hang or display it.

If anyone would like to have a consult for a past shoot, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’d be happy to help.

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