Tilden Park Berkeley Wedding: Kava & Arielle

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Arielle and Kava went to middle and high school together, but didn’t really know each other. He was the football player who clapped really loud, and she was the beautiful girl who shocked him by coming up to say hi in a local dive bar in their home town while visiting from grad school four years ago.

They have never had a fight. I usually wouldn’t believe someone who said that, but these two… I believe. They are so respectful and compatible. They got married under a teepee on top of Berkeley at Tilden park. It was a perfect mix of their cultures- Hawaiian, Haitian, and Armenian. With their modern mixed families and big group of friends, they partied the night away. EVERYBODY danced. This was a fun one.

Neutrals, earth tones. Greens, browns, cream. Relaxed, woodsy, bohemian, yet refined feel

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