What I’ve been meaning to say…

Every time I start to write a blog these days I get overwhelmed/busy/distracted, because I want my blogs to be more thoughtful, so then I give up and don’t post anything. The unfortunate thing about having an overflow of ideas and inspiration is that things like taxes and new business ventures and Downton Abbey marathons get in the way, and then I wonder- would anyone miss my little blog if it wasn’t updated all the time? Okay, I’m actually not mad about Downton Abbey cause seriously? Me’Lovesit.

So, here’s a totally un-thoughtful stream of some things I’ve meant to be blogging about lately- and who knows, I might still.

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  • Just FYI: There’s at least one person in China who misses your blogs. (I’m sure there’s more. I mean, China’s got 1.3 billion people, so how could there not be? But I know for a fact that there’s at least one.)ReplyCancel

  • I’d miss it, Leslie; love your “stuff”. Anybody who does Downton Abbey marathons is A-okay in my book.ReplyCancel

  • Visual stream of consciousness! Very appropriate for a person who works in a visual medium! I find the photo of the gentlemen in the hats most intriguing!ReplyCancel