Adventures of a Treasure Hunter- Home Makeover Edition :: Guest Room

Back in November I got new flooring and painted my whole house. It was like moving to a new place because everything had to be packed up and moved out for the install. I took it as an opportunity to give my house a facelift, on the cheap of course. Here’s one of the rooms, completed. 

The hot mess you see above here was my guest room around 2006-ish. Nope, that’s not the bedroom of a brooding 15 year old who likes all things shiny and Vampire-Lair-esque. I mean, Twilight hadn’t even come out yet. But you have to forgive my former taste, It hadn’t grown up yet.

Things had changed since 2006, don’t worry, it didn’t look like that until November.But I don’t have any other before pictures so this will have to do.

To refresh the room, I needed to paint the walls FOR SURE. Erik likes to describe the former paint color as “Flesh”. Since this room is West facing, the warm afternoon light warmed up what I thought was supposed to look like “cappuccino” when I first painted it, but ended up looking pink. I chose a color called “Notre Dame”, a slightly green-ish Gray. From there, I pulled together what I had- a great headboard I’d made years ago, tan, black, and seaglass accents, and some art and pillows to coordinate and pop.

There was a time that I had a dream that my guest room would come with a tray of “essentials” for when my guests stayed the night, like this one below:

I never got around to assembling such a thing, but we can pretend I did and be very impressed, m’kay?

Here’s what it now looks like. I had two round lamps in a turquoise color,

the bronze-y raw silk fabric I upholstered a headboard out of a giant frame I bought for $8 at a model home closeout auction with a vintage brooch I used for the middle tuft. I love to mix browns and grays and blacks and camel browns- I feel like it adds depth and prevents a matchy-matchy look. I even like to mix metals, like I did here with the gold accented frame and diamond, pearl and iron brooch.

This room is another long and skinny one, so there’s very little room for the bed and side table. We have very little storage space in this house, so although the white side table is squished in there next to the bed, I need a place for all my socks so, ‘eves. Plus, this table was the first piece of furniture I ever bought myself from my first job. When I was 16 I decided I needed a side table for my bedroom, so I went down to Pier 1 and bought it for $125. Yes, you read that right. This “bargain hunter” bought this *shudder* wicker abomination for $125. I said I’ve always been nostalgic, not super smart.

The bedskirt is actually a fabric memo sample that had this amazing “sugar cube” beaded trim that  was thankfully long enough to create a faux bedskirt with the help of a coverlet at the end of the bed to cover up the outer edges. This is another raw silk accent I have in the room, along with the big white pillow that I will skin the cat if she ever pukes on, as well as the headboard fabric.

I’ve had this dresser for about 25 years, and it has been painted all colors of the rainbow. In fact, it was painted “clouds” in Junior High School. It may have even once been sponge painted. Don’t judge me.

The white frames behind the dresser were empty $.25 frames I picked up over the years while thrifting that I painted a glossy white. Erik hates their existence but I love ’em. I bought the knobs from Anthropologie years ago to replace the former ones on the dresser after I painted it black.

On the other wall is a second-hand feast.

The photo is a Holga I took in San Francisco, and the tug boat looks like it’s smiling. I had it cross processed to make the blue water and sky look turquoise and I’m obsessed with it. The chest is a family hand me down from who knows when. In fact, I found a photo of my Grandma sitting next to it when I was going through photos recently, and judging from the photo and my Cousin’s feathered hair, this piece has been in rotation since the late 70’s/early 80’s.

I got this teal vase at a thrift store, and the hat head once held my Princess hat from Disneyland. Now it holds a vintage Cheeta patterned hat that used to be in my “dress-up” box and other various Season-appropriate head-ware.

You can kind of see the lime green and seaglass fabric thrift store chair I’ve had for probably 20 years that my Mom got me, which houses the quilt my Great Grandmother made me and another quilt my friend Stephanie’s Mom Barbara made me. Plus, my custom made pillow from the Kravet factory in North Carolina that I toured in 2008.

This drawing was one I did in college from an assignment to take a classic drawing and reinterpret it in your own style. I used Picasso’s “Nude Staring in to a Mirror While a Man Watches from a Window”. I never said I wasn’t a former art school weirdo! I think this remains my favorite piece I ever did though.

I made the drapes and matching pilow with fabric leftover from an old project.

I’m pretty happy with the changes made, in all honesty this room was formerly the “laundry storage/where crap was thrown/where the Cat suns herself” room, so this is a big improvement.


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