Adventures of a Treasure Hunter :: The Ultimate Treasure Trove, Paris Flea Market

I’d been to Paris before, so the only thing I wanted to do for sure on my trip was to go to one of the Parisian flea markets. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for years, and I thankfully got to visit one quickly one day. It was a bit torturous I must admit, because not only could I not buy anything because the one we found was more of a high end antique mall with collectors pieces and I wasn’t about to drop 4K on an occasional chair, but also because I was traveling with a carry-on and couldn’t exactly bring a footstool to check on the plane. Still, it was fun to look.

Walking through the alcoves of wonderment, beautiful little vignettes of eclectic treasures put together to tell a story was beyond my expectations. Worn leather tufted sofas just hanging out on the sidewalk with a price tag more expensive than my first, second or third cars. There were hallways with antique quirky artwork and loose upholstered headboards in lush fabric. Everything was so gorgeously laid out. The amount of light fixtures I wanted to take home with me was unreal.

I loved the collectors’ dogs who hung out and looked the perfect part of what I expected from a Parisian flea market.

The part about this market that was so strikingly authentic to me was that there was no cheap, mass-produced crap from China to weed through that there seems to always be at flea markets. Clearly, we weren’t in the US anymore.

I was in love with this weathered chair cluster hanging out in the road.

Later, we stopped by a museum that had miniature MCM chairs, many of which we’d seen originals of that day.

There were a lot of areas I was too embarrassed to have my camera out for, because I would have outed myself as a tourist among the designers shopping for their clients. We even found a dress shop with vintage Oscar de la Rentas, Versaces and Chanels that we tried to take photos of because it was blowing our minds but were quickly shamed by the shop owner. Quel Dommage.

The enormous raw bulb cluster below was rocking my world.

I have visions of one day going to Paris just for a shopping trip. If there are any parties interested in funding that, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email 🙂

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