Food Friday :: Lidia’s Italy Macaroni and Cheese

While in Phoenix my Dad and I watched an episode of Lydia’s Italy where she cooked macaroni and cheese that didn’t contain any egg in it. I am on a constant search for mac and cheese recipes that are more saucy and less baked/egg-ey. This recipe looked amazing and I had to make it immediately. It calls for a lot of shredded cheddar and fontina to be soaked in milk to begin coagulating and making a cheese sauce. Sounded great already.

Then you saute/whisk the cheese sauce over the stove, along with four fresh sage leaves. I was going to be making toasted bread crumbs for the top of the mac and cheese and that always makes me think of meatloaf, so I got the ingredients for that as well.

 I don’t really have a recipe for my meatloaf, it’s sort of a “toss everything in a bowl and mix it together kind of thing. I combine most of the ingredients listed below, sometimes I add quinoa or a different kind of onion or leftover vegetables. It’s always delicious.

There was one snafu with making the mac and cheese. When I integrated the noodles with the cheese sauce, the temperature change shocked the cheese and it clumped a bit. I’m sure it was my fault, I don’t think I was the most attentive whisker. It still turned out well, just less saucy than I’d hoped. The search continues…

Mac and cheese with turkey/sausage meatloaf and a side salad. My favorite of the moment is a Mediterranean variety, with butter and romain lettuce, red onion, feta, cucumber, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, and a homemade Italian style dijon vinaigrette.

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