For Sale :: Epiphanie Bag, Lola in Red

If we’ve met in person, you’ve more than likely met my camera bag, Lola.

You probably also said, “that’s a camera bag? I thought it was the cutest purse ever!” To that, I probably smirked and thought to myself how smart and stylish of a photographer I am.

Well the lovely Lola by Epiphanie is now for sale, because I got a new Epiphanie bag. I love the company and the photographer who started the line, I’m a big supporter of people in the industry who I’ve heard are super nice, awesome people. I’m loyal like that, even if I’ve never met them. I’m also a big supporter of industrious people who see a hole in the market, and put their all into filling it.

Contact me directly if you’re interested in giving her a nice new home.

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