Friday Finds :: Weekly Inspiration Roundup

I mean to have time to continue these things I start- Food Friday, Adventures of a Treasure Hunter, Weekly Inspirations. But then I have paying clients who come first and I have to just say, hopefully next week. But here’s what I was able to scrounge up quickly- an actually really inspirational week for me, personally.

1. The new Smashing Pumpkins album Oceania is really incredible, and all the press Billy Corgan has been doing for it recently has reminded me of how big of a fan I was of SP in the 90’s and it brought back a lot of memories of how inspired I was when I listened to their music. If you know me personally, you know I have a personality “trait” that we can call obsessive really enthusiastic when I like something, so you can imagine how I’ve been playing all the old albums and the new one in my office, car, headphones, etc. Erik’s only mildly disturbed.

2. This article that Lena Dunham wrote about Nora Ephron for the New Yorker about her passing had me in tears today. I loved Nora’s first movie (in addition to all her other work) but that one in particular because I watched it when it replayed on cable over and over when I was an obsessive really enthusiastic little girl with kind of adult taste. Plus, I’m way into girl power these days and those two have it down to a science. I’m currently blown away over Lena’s work, so knowing that they had a connection like that is just… touching.

3. We have a new friend named Rupert around these parts, and he visits us multiple times per day. He alerts us that he’s there by banging on Erik’s office window, and it’s scares the living shit out of Sadie. I caught some footage of this crazy beast one day, not my best work:

4. What is it with all these young creative chicks killing it in the creative world right now? Promise Tangeman is someone I’m way inspired by, and she wrote about her creative toolbox this week. I’d love to put together one of these when I’m done decorating my office. If I ever find the time.

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