Mondo Bizarro Show

The Mondo Bizarro opening went extremely well last week- thanks to those who made it out, brought people, blogged about the event, re-posted the announcement on Facebook, etc. Thanks a million to Becca, who helped organize the event, sponsored the drinks and food, and helped me hang the whole show for 6 hours on Wednesday (without the ability to nail or screw anything into the brick… challenging!). I have some sales already, and have booked another show for next month! Yes, I have enough artwork to fill another entire space, it’s madness. I don’t know what I’m going to do without Becca here to help me with the next show- it’s kind of freaking me out, but I’ll just have to make Erik help me.

I snapped these shots on Saturday before the Sal Valentino/David Houston show, which was amazing by the way.

I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have supported me over the years by recommending me as a photographer to their family, friends, coworkers, strangers, and/or hired me yourself, bought my artwork, paid me to design your website, etc. I was thinking about how much you all have helped me out, by posing for me for a painting and/or photos when I first started, getting me jobs taking photos before I had a portfolio, hiring me so I could save up for my photo equipment, or just not making fun of me as I maniacally painted and blasted my weird music all night long (Erik/every roommate I ever had). I’ve learned that you really can’t do everything on your own, and just the simple gesture of recommending me or spreading the word about my show or showing up for 10 minutes is so very appreciated. I can’t emphasize enough what it means to have you believe in me, so thanks.

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