The Studio

The studio is located in Midtown Sacramento inside of a historic antiques building. The GVP studio has large shooting space with brick, wood, painted and white walls, black painted floors and wood floors, and lots of beautiful furniture to use in the shoot. We have both natural and bold looks to create a style all your own.

We have a closet with blankets, faux fur, and maternity gowns, as well as drawers full of baby wraps and hats galore. A privacy curtain creates a changing room right here in-studio for convenience.

The Shooting Space

The Meeting Space

Print Your Photos

After your session, we will schedule a reveal proofing meeting to review your best images on the big screen TV. Make sure we schedule this when all decision makers are available to join- usually within one week post-session. You will select your favorite images, and an artwork suite to integrate into your home decor, show off when you’re on the go, and gifts for loved ones. Check out the display section of our site to hone in on your style.

Reveal Parties

For clients who want to invite family and friends to their ordering session, schedule a reveal party! We have seating for up to 15. Kick back with treats and a beverage to view your slideshow and peruse the wall displays and albums. Everyone who places their order that day will receive 35% off of all custom orders (for balances above already purchased the 50% off print credits, when applicable). Existing Clients: Request or schedule your reveal party today.

Come check us out

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