Vinegar Dill Potato Salad with Dijon

Now that I have a working refrigerator again (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I’ve been cooking up a storm with fresh veggies and herbs. I have a thing for dill if you haven’t already figured it out, and I needed a cold side dish for a lemon roasted chicken I was planning to make, so I decided to come up with a dill potato salad. I love me a good potato salad, but here’s what I don’t like- too much onion, too much mayo, too much mustard, and celery. I love me some onion, but I don’t like the harsh bite and crunch. It’s the same way I feel about too many ingredients in ice cream. It’s like, you’re all delicious separately, but you’re interrupting each other. Something about all these things just bother me. Also, I’m always wishing there could be more vegetables in it, because, why not? Plus, I’m a vinegar person. I can put balsamic, red wine or just plain white vinegar on almost anything.

So I came up with this recipe where I threw a bunch of stuff together, and it was delicious! I don’t have exact measurements because, I just threw it all in the big silver bowl and mixed.

Vinegar Dill Potato Salad with Dijon

red potatoes

blanched string beans, chopped

sliced and quartered cucumbers

chopped dill

paprika, salt, pepper

red wine vinegar twice around the bowl

golden balsamic vinegar once around the bowl

large dollop of dijon

2 large dollops of olive oil mayo


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